Top Ten Must Have Android Applications

kik for pcI know many people would like to have all the applications in the Google Store games on their Android phones or tablets, but unfortunately the management of all these applications would be difficult. For some users, they simply do not have the space to accommodate all of these applications. The good news is that there are certain applications that everyone should have the user in order to give life to your Android phone. At least if you have these applications, you can would have a better Android experience.

The first application on my list is the only Android Assistant. This application is only monitors activity on your phone that give you information about your use of mobile storage, battery usage, and information on the memory card. It also has a quick boost function that can improve the speed and efficiency of the phone. In addition, the Android-Wizard allows you to control your volume phones, clean system files, offers a file manager to easily manage your files, install an installer and uninstaller batch or uninstall applications, and my favorite feature, move the applications from your phone memory to the SD card (memory card). What more can you ask, this application is an all-in-one application, a must for all users and is absolutely free.

The second application in the list is the AVG Anti-virus for Android. Everyone needs protection, including your Android phone. Without protection, the phone is vulnerable. Ultimately, you can go to any reliable antivirus go to your Android phone to protect, but I prefer AVG Anti-Virus Pro for the features offered. Apart from the fact that your phone protects against viruses and threats; it also has an anti-theft feature, registering my anti-virus program installed on my phone is that my e-mail address. This allows me to access my phone in case of theft. I can easily after location, an alarm signal or block followed by the imposition of an access code via the Internet, by telephone or another computer. This gives you maximum protection and less worry.

Third on the list is the preferred application of all, Whatsapp. WhatsApp is very easy to use and requires no phone number to register need and allows you to chat with friends and family. This allows you to share photos, videos and audio files. Some prefer the KIK Messenger, because it has similar properties. Well, that’s not bad, but KIK WhatsApp is safer. With KIK FOR PC, if a person does not have your number still get in touch with you as they only need your user name, and yes, there are other third party applications that provide random user name KIK how OINKTEXT this is not possible, if you are WhatsApp. So great, WhatsApp is safer.

Fourth on the list is the Opera Mini. Most of us like the Opera is very fast and effective. Other browsers like UC Browser and Mozilla are very good, but I prefer Opera Mini, because it is very easy to has an easy-to-use interface and can be used to easily access your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts will.

Number five will live the results. The ultimate app for updates on scores and sports results. It gives you minute by minute updates live sporting events, whether football, basketball or tennis. Many confuse with soccer app, but it covers a lot of sports. You need to access the menu button and scroll to navigate to other sports through the options. Ticker is handy if you are a sports lover.

The number six spot is taken by VLC, yes, this is an amazing VLC.VLC video player and most of us know that their performance on our computers, but is now on Android and has a similar performance in the team . Many Android phones do not play certain video formats like Video Format (FLV). Well, worry no more, because with VLC for Android, it is not necessary to go through the hassle of converting your videos to.MP4 or.3Gp. Extensions withFLV video files to play just fine. You do not need additional plugins, VLC to do the magic.

Our number seven on the list is the color note. It can be called the Android notepad. Can you take notes of important things you want to do. Note color is very easy to use and easy to reach. You can put your to-do list in the application of color notes and on top of her when she needed something easy by just in case you forget. You can also edit and make changes to it.

The following application is in eighth place is clean clipboard. This is an application that will find many might not be relevant, but if you’re an Android user, the about keeping your space savings without reason, then you could use the contents of the clipboard as a place that consumption is consider some of this space are interested and this application is to fix that. Most Android phones copy images or text files that are used or stored in the clipboard. Sometimes these files are not deleted and have to be removed manually. This application solves that. It is less than a megabyte and is also very effective.

The number nine position goes to jokes. Yes, it is an application, so do not assume I’m kidding. Jokes is to reduce boredom. It is easy to use and comes with various categories of jokes, short jokes, jokes for too long, and even Yo Momma jokes that make you laugh. You will also be the opportunity to present their best jokes list and be given to vote for them. This is an application that will put a smile on your face.

The last application in the list below the tenth place is a game. Many would a game that is easy to play prefer a battery, small size is not wasted and last but not least, one that is free. Well, that’s Bubble Breaker a perfect fit. Some would say that Angry Birds is better, but some Android phones simply not the space to install angry birds. If you have the space, Bubble Breaker can add to it, it makes the gaming experience better. Anyone can bubble breaker, whether young or old to play.

So with these ten basic Android applications available to you, I’m sure you care and appreciate your Android even more. I must say a big thank you to all the developers who have developed these applications. You have made it easy for me and have access to them, so getting to the store of Google Play, download these apps and have fun.

Top Educational Apps For iPhone

The popularity of iPhones and iPads has revolutionized education. Notebooks and textbooks were not deleted, but many students with tablets and smartphones for the study. In addition to students, professionals who are not students in the classrooms, and to use these devices to educate yourself. Apple's App Store offers thousands of educational apps for the iPhone. To entertain these applications and to educate.
The best iPhone apps are used for training to great learning experience to provide the main features of the iPhone and facilities. The improvements in touch technology, Internet connectivity, HD displays and 3D support iPhone have the best training device hand. This allowed developers to create effective educational applications. Let's look at ten of the best iPhone apps for education.
Mental Notes
Notes is an important part of the training. Short notes of interest, and are extremely useful for the purpose of verifying and memorizing. Not only the spiritual application notes you can take notes quickly, but also allows you to include images and video, along with the notes. If you try a student, everything manageable information or a teacher trying to make their classes more fun, this application will meet your expectations.
The Elements: A Visual Exploration
This application highlights the power of the iPhone application development training. Take one of the most difficult and tedious questions and makes it fun. Users can choose the elements; shows the use of various properties of this element. Students can also rotate the object and see it in a 3D view. Needless to say, it also has a column with facts and figures along with the images.
Students and college to attend various classes and explore a range of topics. You need to keep track of tasks, homework and tests for the different classes. If you are a student, this app will make your life a little easier. All you have to do is enter the information in the application; an e-mail to be sent a reminder when your task is due.
iStudiez Pro
Pupils benefit greatly from the use of this application. This application was developed to meet the specific needs of the students of the school. It provides a set of functions that students can take responsibility for certain tasks. For example, monitoring tasks are performed, summarizes the schedules, tracks notes and backs up data.
The TED Conference is where the greatest innovators and educators to gather around the world. By downloading this application you can access all the interesting and amazing lectures from these people. While this application does not learn specific topic, you will learn how to learn by watching the TED talks.
iTunes U
This application was built by Apple. It is loaded with excellent educational content from some of the best universities in the world. By installing this application you'll have access to an incredible number of topics. This is one of the best iPhone apps for education for people who believe in self-study.
No fear Shakespeare
Shakespeare has entertained and inspired generations of fans and his works have been tortured enough students. Love him or hate him, you'll have to study it at some point of time in your life. This application provides a mobile library of all his works. More importantly, it has translated a simpler version of his works.
Math Movement
Learn and practice mathematical functions and fractions can be very boring. This educational application that makes it interesting. A star has fallen from space, and you have to push in the sky again. To do this, you need to move the groups to the right place. Through this game, is the application that will teach you how to appreciate one fractions.
This is not only great for kids who are trying to expand their vocabulary, but application is also a good option for adults who love languages ​​and want to learn more words. It teaches you new words every time you open it. Also challenged to use the word during the day at least once.
While most other iPhone apps for education focus on the user to use their iPhones to access the information in an entertaining way and learn new things, Edmodo helps teachers and students use technology. It provides a secure channel for teachers and students to communicate, send notes, exchange information and receive messages. Students can use the application to check your qualifications and to maintain control over their tasks.

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